Should You Put Your Future In The Stock Market’s Hands Today?

If you have money in the stock market via direct stock ownership, mutual funds, SMA’s (separately managed accounts) or some other “variable investment” then this is the question you need to ask now. If you are in the stock market, then you’ve already answered part of this question: You are putting your future in the hands of the stock market … Read More

July 23rd IRA Insiders Webinar – Real Estate

Every month, Specialized Trust Company hosts an IRA Insiders webinar. These monthly webinars reveal strategies, steps, tactics, and best practices to invest inside your IRA helping you achieve financial freedom through ongoing cash flow. From titling to partnering to purchase agreements – and so much more. The webinar topic changes each month – we have different guests and topics, all focused on … Read More

How to Buy Real Estate in Your IRA

Did you know you can buy real estate in your IRA? You may have heard that it’s possible but are not quite sure how it works. I’ll walk you through the three step IRA real estate investing process one step at a time. The good news is it’s simple and easy. Step 1: Decide you need a truly self-directed IRA First, you … Read More