Extending Community Support During COVID-19

We are living through a historic time, a time where extending a helping hand to our neighbor can make a giant impact. As such, Specialized Trust feels that it is our duty to give back to the community that upholds our business.

The team at Specialized Trust saw a unique opportunity in Broadway Mary’s, a restaurant in Lorain, Ohio that had just opened before the pandemic hit. We felt a kinship with their soft opening status, as we are also in a transitional phase of business as we move into a new location in Lorain.

A business should never fail because of a reason as out of their hands as a pandemic, so Specialized Trust decided to extend them some support, which had a more meaningful domino effect than we could have ever imagined.

Broadway Mary’s uses the highest quality ingredients, including organic cheese, homemade sauces, and fresh Angus beef. We decided our friends who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 would appreciate a meal like that. In total, we donated 200 free meals of burgers and fries from Broadway Mary’s.

Our gesture didn’t happen in a vacuum, and we are so thrilled to have been a part of the inspiration for the community of Lorain to come together and support their local restaurant scene. An initiative called “Open Tab Lorain” has been extremely successful, and community donors are leaving small donations to the community’s “open tab” to ensure that meals are available to those who might need them. This also keeps restaurants busy through their lunch and dinner rush, ensuring their continued success as society adjusts to life as we now know it.

We implore you to check out Broadway Mary’s, and join us in supporting local business. Stay safe and well!