July 23rd IRA Insiders Webinar – Real Estate

Every month, Specialized Trust Company hosts an IRA Insiders webinar.

These monthly webinars reveal strategies, steps, tactics, and best practices to invest inside your IRA helping you achieve financial freedom through ongoing cash flow.

From titling to partnering to purchase agreements – and so much more. The webinar topic changes each month – we have different guests and topics, all focused on helping you invest using your Self-Directed IRA.

Here are some of the highlights of what you will learn:

  • Real estate wealth strategies to transform your IRA into a cash flowing source of income for financial independence and even early retirement
  • Specific steps, tactics, and ideas that you can implement today – use them once or use them over and over
  • Top strategies you simply won’t hear from ANYONE else!
  • The exact tools and ideas that have helped thousands of clients.
  • Highly practical guidance from experts who are doing this every day.

These webinars are of high value with plenty of potential ROI for action-takers. Investment in this webinar is nominal to Premium Gold clients, prospective clients, and free to Specialized Black clients.

– Keith Marsh & Edwin Kelly
Specialized Trust Company


PS, These are highly practical educational webinars. We’re not upselling any services but rather we’re here to show you how you can do this for yourself. Click here now to reserve your seat in this month’s webinar