How Self-Directed IRA’s Are Saving the American Dream

Decades ago people left their home country, traveled great distances with only the clothes on their back and a suitcase in hand. They were heading to a place called America. They didn’t speak the language. They didn’t know the customs. They had no idea what awaited them when they landed in this new country.

Often they were uneducated. They had a little cash in their pocket. Some brought families, many came alone. They left behind family and friends. They exchanged what they knew for the great unknown and crossed oceans to do it.

We are their descendants. We were born in this country and call ourselves Americans because of the sacrifices they took to make a difficult journey decades before we were born.

Why did they do this? What motivated our ancestors to take such risks? A journey of a thousand miles leaving all earthly possessions except those they could carry?

They had a dream. They wanted a better life. They wanted something better for themselves, for their family for their children and their children’s children far off. We are their offspring.

I ask myself, “Am I honoring the sacrifice they made? Am I carrying on their legacy? Would they be proud to see what I’m doing with the opportunity they created for me?”

Am I living the American Dream?

Most people I meet have a dream – something they want to accomplish; they want to make a significant mark on the world and give their family and their children the life they deserve.

Our ancestors started businesses, created new industries, built houses, built apartment buildings, invented cars and electric and devices we use everyday. They created things that never existed before. They went from peasants to people with a purpose. Some we read about in the history books but most we’ll never know their names. They all contributed and pursued their dream and created the world we live in today.

Sometimes I wonder, “What happened to that drive, that desire?” When I listen to the news or politicians or people having coffee at Starbucks it seems to me that so many Americans are disillusioned today. They are frustrated. They want more out of life than what they’re getting. I get the sense that many American’s have lost their identity, they’ve lost hope. Do you know people who feel that way? Have you felt that way at times?

The truth is the American Dream is as alive today as it ever was. But the world has changed, this country has changed and the tools and strategies needed to achieve it have changed as well.

Most people I know want to start a business or expand their business or make investments or retire and travel the world with the love of their life. Most people have a dream but they don’t know how to make it happen.


The number one challenge I hear from folks is money, or more accurately, the lack of money. I hear things like, “I have a bills to pay; I can’t afford to quit my job.” “It would take me a lifetime to save my own money to start a business or buy an investment property.” “I went to the bank but they won’t give me a loan.”

Have you heard this before? Have you encountered this before?

There is a solution to the money problem and I’m about to share it with you. It’s been around for more than 40 years, it’s just that most people are unaware of it. If they are aware of it, they don’t understand how to make use of it.

Before I tell you what it is, let me share a story about two people no different from you. It serves to illustrate the power of what I’m about to share.

Two regular everyday people

These two people grew up in middle class homes in middle class neighborhoods. They went to school, worked, and held jobs. They had families and all the responsibilities that brings with it. They too had a dream. Their dream was to invest and create assets that would provide income to their families. They wanted to start a business that would contribute greatly to society, create jobs, support the local community and help themselves and others live the American Dream. But they weren’t rich and guess what, the bank wouldn’t give them a loan either.

Did that stop them? Did they quit? No. One thing and one thing alone kept their dream alive. You see they new about this one thing that meant the difference between success and failure. One thing that could turn their dream into another American success story. One thing that could allow them to invest in real estate, start a business and still pay their bills. One thing that could create a legacy that will live on beyond their own lifetime.

They leveraged this one thing and launched a business. This business has created dozens of jobs. Hired people and provides benefits, allowing employees to buy homes, pay taxes and frequent other businesses creating even more jobs and more opportunities for others. This is the Great American Success Story! This is how our ancestors built and grew the greatest country in the world. Investment and business is a significant part of what made America great. It’s how we can keep the American Dream alive and well and preserve it for our children and our children’s children.

How do I know about these two regular everyday people? Because I’m one of them along with my partner Keith. Using this one thing is how we started our business and how we will start others in the future along with building our real estate holdings.

Are we living the American Dream?

Yes we are. Are you? It’s important for you to know this and to know how we did it so you can do the same thing. Do you want to invest in real estate? Do you want to expand your real estate investing? Do you want to launch a new business or expand your existing business?

What’s the one thing?

The one thing that made all the difference is the self-directed IRA. It’s a special kind of retirement account that allows you to take your retirement account and invest in anything allowed by the government. Most people think that we are limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CD’s. This simply isn’t true.

With a self-directed IRA you can invest in virtually anything you can imagine. For example you can purchase real estate, purchase a note, invest in precious metals, invest in an entity like an LLC or private stock all inside of a self-directed retirement account. You can loan your IRA money to another investor or business if you choose. Plus you receive all the tax benefits the government gives us using our retirement accounts.

Wait until you hear this…

If you can loan your self-directed IRA money to someone else guess what? Someone else can loan their self-directed IRA money to you. Here’s the best part. Probably 70% of the people you know or come into contact with have a retirement account. If they are 35 to 40 years old (or older) they probably have at least $100,000 in their retirement account.

Why that’s important to you is because just 10 or fewer regular everyday people could collectively provide $1 million in capital to you. There is over $20 Trillion in retirement accounts today. Most people have a retirement account. The fact is, the money is all around you when you understand this truth and know how to take full advantage of it.

It’s your turn

You can live the American Dream by leveraging the power of self-directed IRA’s. Call us. We can help.

About the Author

Edwin Kelly is an author, speaker, investor and CEO of Specialized Trust Company. He is considered America’s leading expert on Self-Directed IRA’s. To learn more about getting started please call 800-529-3951 or click here.