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Why Self Direct?

Self-Directing is the Solution. Self-directing retirement accounts into alternative assets can provide consistent, predictable income. Securing the actual retirement dollars with real assets to preserve them in perpetuity is the solution to the retirement dilemma. Self-directing a retirement account into alternative assets offers the solution because of several unique benefits achieved only by this approach.

The Tax Solution
Retirement accounts in and of themselves offer a powerful tax protected environment that every American is eligible for. By taking advantage of this tax protection income and profits can grow exponentially faster than by investing in a taxable environment.

The Funding Solution

There are three ways a self-directed retirement account can be funded. First is by contributing from earned income. The two ways that brings the most money into self directed retirement accounts are transfers and rollovers. By using this method of funding clients can move large blocks of money immediately, which offers the largest opportunity to begin investing.

The Investment Solution

According to a recent study commissioned by the Social Security Administration, 95% of Americans are not financially secure by age 65. A contributing factor is the behavior of most people's investment that directly correlate to the stock market. Phantom Returns. What is a phantom return? It's not uncommon to hear a client say they made money in the stock market last year. “My mutual funds were up 10%.” However, this is a phantom return. If the stock market drops 20% this year do they still have the 10% they made last year? No. However, if a client buys a rental property and generates a 10% return based on the rents, did this client actually make 10%? Yes. Why? The difference is that the rents were paid via check back to the IRA. The 10 % return is based on the purchase price of the property. In the case of self directing, the client still owns the property and has the actual cash received from rents in their IRA. This is a real return.

Eliminate Expensive Fees and Invest Load Free

According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI) the average person can pay 5.4% in sales loads and 1.5% in ongoing fees with traditional financial institutions. Expensive fees and loads dramatically reduce the return on investment and contributes to the problem of not accumulating enough money for retirement. To put this in dollars and cents, if a client moves $100,000 IRA to a traditional financial institution they could pay $5,400 in loads and another $1,500 per year in fees. By contrast, what would that same client pay at a Self Directed IRA Provider? The client could expect to pay $150 as a one-time only set up fee (compared to $5,400) and about $450 per year in fees (compared to $1,500).