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How Specialized Trust Company Can Help You

We pride ourselves on getting the most out of our client’s investments. We empower individuals, families, and businesses to create financial independence, rewrite their family legacy, and capitalize on their business. We do this by providing solutions through service, education, and resources. Additionally, our accounts are self-directed, which means our clients can invest at their own discretion, into any investment allowed by the government.

Self-Directed IRA

A Self-Directed IRA may sound complex on the surface but in reality, it is quite easy. Simply put, “self-directed” means that you get to invest in your account, at your own discretion, into any investment allowed by the government. Even more simply, “self-directed” means that you have control of when and where you invest your money.

Retirement Accounts

When it’s time to retire, you want to ensure that your money lasts as long as your retirement so that you don’t have to jump back into the job market. With available retirement accounts from Specialized Trust Company, you can invest your money and get the sense of security that comes with knowing you will be able to live comfortably throughout your retirement.

Small Business Plans

If you need capital to start or expand your business, an IRA may be the perfect solution! With an IRA, you can free up capital to invest in your business, maximize the money that is being put into it, and ensure that you have control over your investment. At Specialized Trust Company, we can give you the guidance to build up your business from the inside out!


With an IRA you can have a lifetime of tax advantaged income. This means that you are getting the very most from your money, which would otherwise be going to the government. Additionally, you can set up a pension that you know will last through your retirement.


By investing in an IRA you can improve several aspects of your family’s future: help pay for healthcare, cover you children’s education without debt, and more. With an IRA from Specialized Trust Company, you aren’t merely starting an investment, you are creating a legacy for generations to come!

Business Owners

Whether you are expanding your operation or starting from scratch, an IRA can give you private capital to fuel your business, all without the use of personal or bank loans. This means that you are in full control of your business from start to finish, while ensuring that you maximize the profits of your business.

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Keith Marsh and Edwin Kelly have over 20 years of combined experience in the tax and trust industry. Their expertise is put to use guiding you through the entire process which all but guarantees your success.

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Leave the Past Behind and Plan an Ideal Future

Set your sights on having an ideal financial future for yourself and your family.

No matter what your life or work situation, our experts can help you to take care of your current and future needs. Whether you are planning for yourself, your family or your business, Specialized Trust is there to help you.

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Retirement Planning Made Simple

Plan ahead so that your golden years can be the time of your life.

While it may seem like a complicated subject with many options and variables, our 3-step process makes it easy:
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Have Peace of Mind Going Into Your Retirement

We recognize the importance of a responsive, nimble self-directed IRA company can have in your success.

Most Americans invest their retirement money in traditional assets- mainly stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CD’s. Unfortunately, these types of assets often don’t keep pace with inflation and are not designed to provide stable monthly income. The majority of Americans 65 or older are working well into their retirement years, often at low paying jobs, due to the need to cover monthly expenses and the fear of outliving their inadequate retirement savings.

The main source of income for more than 60% of retirees is their monthly social security benefit and in 2013, the average monthly check paid to a social security beneficiary was a mere $1,246 per month. Even with the meager monthly checks retirees receive, the social security trust fund cannot sustain itself long term and is running in the negative.

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