Do you want to discover a secret used by only 3% of people? If you use a self-directed IRA, you will join an exclusive group of people that are gaining control over their retirement account, reducing and eliminating taxes, creating consistent predictable results and rewriting their family legacy.

Since 1974, self-directed IRA’s have largely been a secret used by an exclusive, in-the-know, group of people. 97% of all retirement accounts are invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CD’s. The truth is you can invest in virtually anything you can imagine. Real Estate, Notes, Mortgages, Karate Dojo’s and so much more.

Why Do Some of the Wealthiest Families Rely on Self Directed IRA’s?

– Gain Control. When you use a self-directed IRA you are in control and you get to make the decisions, not a commission based “advisor.”

– Diversification. You can achieve true diversification by investing in alternative assets that are not tied to the stock market. If the market takes a nose dive tomorrow, you won’t care.

– Tremendous Tax Benefits. Retirement and other tax advantaged accounts offer the easiest way to realize instant tax savings. The tax benefits can include tax deductions today, tax protection on income and profits and tax-free income in the future. Best of all, by having the opportunity to choose from a variety of accounts you can select the tax benefits you want the most.

– Predictable, Consistent, Secure Income. Many alternative investment strategies generate cash flow.

– Exponential Savings. Retirement accounts were created by the federal government and afford an easy way to save, invest and grow your wealth to achieve what's most important to you.

– Fund You’re Business or Investment. One way many investors are funding investments are by allowing private investors to participate in their projects. For many folks, a majority of their investable assets are in their retirement account and this affords them a way to participate in self directing their retirement account while diversifying their investments.

Why Haven’t I Heard About This, is it a Conspiracy?

Not exactly. Although this may be new to you it's not new at all. Self-directing retirement accounts has been around since 1974. The truth is that most traditional financial institutions charge expensive commissions and fees on investments. When it comes to self directed IRA’s, you are the one making the investment decisions and they would lose out on their largest revenue stream. This is simply not part of their business model and they don’t offer true self-direction as an option.

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